A Name on a Wall

Do you know who I am?
You should for I am a part of you
My spirit is forever  entwined with yours
And my name is written on a wall.

Do you know me yet?
I once lived and breathed as you
I loved - and someone loved me
And now my name is written on a wall.

But that wall is not all there is of me
For I am a part of all that you are
And you carry me with you
Unseen - as I travel in the wind

My love for our land has taken me many places
Most with names I'd never heard
And I left a part of me at each place
And I left a part of you there too

I was at Alamance and Anzio
I fell at Gettysburg and bled on both sides
at the little Bighorn
I slept in French mud, Korean snow, and sand near Baghdad
And my life ended in Asia leaving my name -
written on a wall

Perhaps you failed to notice as I passed by you
Sometimes I was a man and sometimes a woman
My face in shades of white, red, black, and yellow
And wearing uniforms of homespun, blue, gray, buckskin, and olive

Do you know me now?
I was called to pay with my life
A heavy tax to bear - but freedom is costly
And only you can make it worth the price

You must make my sacrifice have value
For I am a part of you and your freedom
I am your past, your present, and your future
I am not just monuments or numbers in a history book

And I am not - Just a Name on a Wall

Copyright owned by:
"William G. Carrington"

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