Carolina Veterans Support Group raises the funds to work with local businesses and organizations to help maintain Elderly veteran’s residences. Allowing our Elder Vets the ability to remain independent and safe in their own homes.

Elder Veterans need your help!

In our state of North Carolina, we are home to more than 317,000 Veterans over the age of 65.  ElderVets and their spouses often discover they are unable to maintain their home forcing them to either leave their homes or live in unsafe conditions. With your donation and by working with local businesses and organizations we are able to aid our Elderly Veterans in great need.

100% Volunteer Staff

Agent Orange

Richard served in the artillery in Vietnam and was honorably discharged.  Later in life like so many of us serving in Vietnam, the effects of Agent Orange began to make itself known.  In Richard's case, he developed prostate cancer.   He began to receive...

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Firefighters Seek Aid For Vet

Louis is an interesting case.  He and his wife spent more than 15 years delivering meals to folks who were confined to their homes.  Now is help is caught up with him and he is no longer able to perform the service to his neighbors.  I first heard of Lewis...

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Providing a Vet Mobility

Joe is 75 years old and a veteran of Vietnam.  He served in the first cavalry division airmobile and won a Silverstar, bronze Star etc. Joe fell and broke his pelvis. When released from the hospital Joe was placed in a recovery center until he was able to...

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