Gordon is an interesting story.  While on active duty, Gordon served as an armor platoon Sgt.  During firing one day, Gordon was short a loader in one of the tanks in his platoon so he filled in. To his regret, he did not move completely out of the way of the recoil of the tanks’ cannon damaging his spine.  Over the next few years, Gordon’s condition became worse until he was declared 100% disabled and medically discharged.

Eventually, Gordon and his family returned to Wake County. Even though he completed 2 diplomas at NC State University, Gordon’s pain level and age prevented him from obtaining full-time employment.  Times have been hard on Gordon and his family; they live in a small home of 1100 square feet built in 1945.  The roof leaks, the furnace is broken, the electrical system is outdated, the bathroom and the doorways have not been updated for access by a handicapped individual.

The Veterans Administration has granted Gordon funds for updating his home to meet the requirements for handicap living, however, the roof and the furnace and other necessities must be addressed before the handicap updates may be completed.