Louis is an interesting case.  He and his wife spent more than 15 years delivering meals to folks who were confined to their homes.  Now is help is caught up with him and he is no longer able to perform the service to his neighbors.  I first heard of Lewis through the local volunteer fire department stating that he could probably use our help.  I drove down to see him to learn that his home a double-wide trailer with vinyl siding had been severely damaged by a straight line storm.   Louis gave me a tour of his home it was readily apparent that he had damaged both of the sidings as well as to his roof. In trying to determine his next step, I ask if he had contacted the insurance agent who carried his homeowner’s policy. His reply was no so I suggested that the next step should be to contact the agent.

He did so, the agent came out examine the damage and issued a check in an amount which covered the roof repairs and the siding replacement. Louis and his wife were happy and Carolina veterans support group was pleased to help in a small way to simply prod his memory.

This is a situation we often encounter which is simply not knowing what to do waiting to hear someone tell the individual what to do.

A month later, Louis contacted me again asking for help with a shower replacement suitable for handicap users. He said the VA had provided him with funds to replace his shower but he had been unable to find any contractor in his area willing to replace the shower for the VA budget. I simply contacted re-bath in Raleigh and was pleased to learn that they were aware of the program and said they would be glad to meet Louis and make the replacement for him. After visiting Lois they were told that he had decided not to make a replacement for his shower. We have no idea whether he did not take the money from the VA are if he used it and some other manner.