Restoring a Veterans Pride in Self
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redesigning our website
and developing our
Information Portal.

We appreciate your
patience and support!

Contact Info:

5540 Centerview Drive
Suite 200
Raleigh, NC  27606
Office:   919-424-6346  

Executive Director:   Jan Jacobson
Volunteer Services:   Michelle Johnson
Computer Services:   Austin Drum
Facilities/Operation:   Jack Geelen  

Jan Jacobson:
Michelle Johnson:
Jack Geelen:
Pat Lloyd:
Austin Drum:  
The Carolina Veterans Support Group strives to restore a Veteran's Pride in
Self and aid in their return to civilian life.

  •   Our Vision:  

  •   Our Mission:
To serve and support Veterans with a focus on transition and
To provide Veterans whose needs aren't adequately being met by
Local, State or Federal organizations with care and transition
programs administered by former Non Commissioned Officers
(NCO's) at each "Pride in Self" Training Facility and working with
program staff to establish a comprehensive data base of Veteran
related resources, services and links.
Are you a Veteran in need of assistance?

We are still in our Development Stage, but we shall offer any
assistance as best we can!   Please email us at
and include 'Veteran Assistance' as the subject header.


We are in need of wonderful, caring volunteers to help us achieve
our goals.   We have immediate need for the following skills:
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Nonprofit business management
  • Writers/Editors (Newsletters, Blog, etc.)
  • Other (if you have a skill that you believe would benefit us, let
    us know,)
Please email us at and include 'Volunteer
Assistance' as the subject header.