Carolina Veterans Support Group raises the funds to work with local businesses and organizations to help maintain Elderly veteran’s residences. Allowing our Elder Vets the ability to remain independent and safe in their own homes.

Elder Veterans need your help!

In our state of North Carolina, we are home to more than 317,000 Veterans over the age of 65.  ElderVets and their spouses often discover they are unable to maintain their home forcing them to either leave their homes or live in unsafe conditions. With your donation and by working with local businesses and organizations we are able to aid our Elderly Veterans in great need.

100% Volunteer Staff

A Leaky Roof

Gordon is an interesting story.  While on active duty, Gordon served as an armor platoon Sgt.  During firing one day, Gordon was short a loader in one of the tanks in his platoon so he filled in. To his regret, he did not move completely out of the way of...

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A Vet without a VA Card

Charlie is 82 years young and had never had a VA ID Card, so we took him to Durham to the VA Hospital.   He had never been able to make use of the Durham facility.,  We were alerted by a member of Charlie's coffee club which meets each and every morning at...

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