Who We Are


Our mission is to help facilitate the process that provides maintenance and repairs to the home of a vet or their widow for the purpose of keeping the home intact.

  • Elderly Veterans across our state will access much-needed assistance in maintaining their residence, thereby reducing the need for other living facilities.
  • Local community service organization will have access to funding without the necessity of the regulatory demands of local, state and federal programs.
  • Local service organizations will have the opportunity to publicize their efforts and successes in assisting Elderly veterans.
  • By providing funds for maintaining Elderly veteran’s residences, CVSG will establish a firm relationship with Elderly veterans thereby easing their access to Veterans Administration services and benefits.


The founder Pat Lloyd, a Vietnam Veteran was born into the military along with his brothers. He served in the first cavalry division airmobile 1967-68 and due to Agent Orange suffers from many physical ailments and major consequences leaving him 100% disabled. Pat started Carolina Veterans Support Group because as a veteran, he knew first falling through the cracks meant. He was old, he was sick, and as a veteran he needed help, but who could help? Over the years he discovered that no one could help. So he spent several years educating himself to the business world of nonprofits and the task of finding elderly veterans in need of help.


Vice President & Office Manager Jan Jcobson

Treasurer Richard H. Lane. CIA, CPA, CBA, CFSA, CISA

Chairman Pat Lloyd

The Voice of Carolina Veterans Support Group Harry Wood

Vice President Events Joseph E. Miller

Vice President of Communications Carolyn Woods

Board Member Daniel Smith

Board Member Courtney L. Tellefsen